Home Field Advantage is an event marketing and planning company focusing on platforms that celebrate what is good about America. The company’s founders believe our country is losing its “home field advantage” because we are so divided. In order to shrink that division, there must be a rallying point. We believe that is Service-helping others be better.

Home Field Advantage looks for opportunities to add value to worthy nonprofits primarily focused on Youth and Front Line Forces. We should be looking to improve things for the generations that follow us. The need for the protection provided by our military and first responders will always be with us.

Celebration of Service

The Celebration of Service Event is the culmination of the efforts of hard working companies, organizations, individuals, and veterans to build a community united through service.

The 2nd Annual Celebration of Service will take place October 4-6, 2018. The weekend is full of events, including the Pregame dinner on Friday night and the Air Force vs. Navy game on Saturday.

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