Celebration of Service

America is losing its “home field advantage” because we are so divided. To shrink that division there must be something to rally around. The founders of Home Field Advantage (HFA) believe that a commitment to Service-helping others to be better-can be that rallying point. Celebration of Service (COS), HFA’s signature event, came to be because of that belief.

The primary objectives of the Celebration of Service are:

  1. Inspire attendees to become better citizens by helping others to be better.
  2. Salute those protecting us- our Front Line Forces (Military & First Responders).
  3. Acknowledge those providing support.

Another key element of COS is the presentation of the Sijan Service Award. It is named for Captain Lance P. Sijan, the only Air Force Academy graduate to receive the Medal of Honor. Mr. Gary Sinise will be the first Community Champion to receive the award.

Gary will be presented the award at a breakfast presentation at 8 A.M. on November 2nd, prior to the Air Force vs. Army football game.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

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